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Recently All Saints C/W Primary School celebrated the value of Peace which we have been studying this half term.

During collective worship, children throughout the school have learnt about St Francis, the Nobel Peace Prize, the Christ of Andes, Psalm 23 and Abraham and Lot having a family quarrel.
On Values day each class discussed and developed ideas based on peace. It was lovely to share the events of the day with parents, grandparents and siblings who also shared in our Lego building activities.
In Nursery the story candle was lit and the children enjoyed listening to bible stories with awe and wonder.
In Reception the children made doves with their hand shapes and used the enhanced provision in the classroom to make images and models of doves.
In Year 1 the children created a collage of doves in painted handprints and then worked with year 5 children to make paper doves to take home.
Year 2 wrote an acrostic poem for peace with lots of lovely adjectives. The children also thought about when they felt peace and wrote their ideas on a large dove.
Year 3 discovered that jelly babies used to be called peace babies after the war and enjoyed sharing them. They also wrote some graffiti based on peace and sang a new version of Twinkle Twinkle little star.
Year 4 used the LEGO StoryStarter sets to record their ideas of peace.
All through the school the children have become much more aware of what peace is and how to achieve the feeling of peace.
The day culminated in creating an image of a dove in the hall with members of Year 5 and 6.
At this time of year we all wish that you have the opportunity to share the peace of God & as the angels said as part of the nativity story 'peace on earth and good will to all men.