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Gwisg Ysgol / School Uniform


The wearing of school uniform is actively encouraged for a number of reasons:

  • It fosters a sense of pride in the school
  • It contributes to a sense of belonging and school family ethos
  • It provides a neat and tidy style of dress
  • It is an economical form of school clothing
  • It prevents children competing with each other with regards to the latest fashions and expensive designer clothing.

Summer Uniform
Short sleeve white shirt (worn with school tie) or
Red and white, short sleeve gingham shirt (not worn with school tie)
Grey, straight leg trousers/ shorts/ skirt
Red and white, short sleeve school dress
School sweatshirts or cardigans
Shoes – sensible, black, flat shoes/ school sandals
Shirts, trousers, skirts and school dresses are available from Ruckleys and/ or most supermarkets/ children’s retailers. Red and white gingham shirts are also available from Ruckleys, Holton Road, Barry.

Winter Uniform                                                                                          
Red V-neck Sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo                           
White long sleeve shirt or short sleeve shirt.                                          
School tie 
Grey, straight leg trousers/ grey skirt/ grey pinafore.
Flat, black, school shoes.

For special school events such as concerts etc. long sleeve shirts may be required. 

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