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School Development

Each year the school works to prepare its 'Action Plan' for the year, this is called the School Development Plan.


In preparing the plan, we take into account the results of our own self assessment systems, including Teacher Assessments, feedback from Parents, Pupils and Governors. We also look at the National Priorities being put forward by Welsh Government and also national and international research on children's learning and schools.


We then prioritise the actions for the year to formulate our School Development Plan or SDP.

Our priorities for this year are outlined below:


School Development Plan 2023 – 2024



1. To improve standards of both procedural and numerical reasoning, providing increased challenge and  opportunities to apply skills in authentic contexts.

2. To develop provision for the curriculum through whole school mapping, parental engagement and improving provision for outdoor learning.

3. To improve identified areas of pedagogy to support pupil progress through consistent feedback and assessment.

4. To continue to improve wellbeing by embedding the ‘When the Adults Change’ programme, improving Attendance and continuing to embed good practice around IDPs.


5. To continue to develop the strategic work of the Governing Body and to develop the strategic role of the AoLE leads.