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Llansannor and Llanharry C/W Primary School visit Y6

As part of STEM Week 2015 the Year 6 pupils from our school worked with Year 5 and Year 6 pupils from Llansannor and Llanharry C/W Primary School on a number of exciting STEM related activities.

The children were divided into three working groups.  The first group of pupils showed our visitors how to use LEGO WeDo and explained to the people in their group how we utilize it within our lessons.

The second group used the LEGO Build To Express sets and the ‘Animate it’ app on the iPads.  ‘Animate it’ is a simple and easy to use animation app that enables you to create stop-motion films.  All the children produced imaginative and creative films.

The final group gave our guests a tour of the school while also showing them how to make iMovie trailers on the iPad.  

It was fantastic to see our pupils working so well with children from another school and everyone gained a lot from this experience.  

Our Year 6 pupils were also able to visit the ‘technology-tastic’ V-Pod bus in the afternoon.  They learned a number of different skills and also used a number of multimedia devices to record and capture their experiences from the day.  We look forward to putting all the raw footage together to create an iMovie of the day.  

We would like to thank Rhys and his team from the Vale of Glamorgan Youth Service for visiting us and we look forward to continuing to work together on new and exciting projects.