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On Friday 15th May everyone at All Saints PS took part in Food Revolution Day 2015.  Food Revolution Day is a global campaign to put compulsory practical food education on the school curriculum. It was the brain child of famous chef Jamie Oliver and he passionately believes that by educating children about food in a fun and engaging way, we can equip them with the basic skills they need to lead healthier, happier lives, for themselves and their future families.

With the help of both the Barry and Culverhouse Tesco stores, who supplied the school with a bounty of fruit, juices, vegetables and other healthy foods the children were able to have a wonderful day.  Some children made fruit kebabs, the Nursery pupils made delicious sandwiches, Year 3 created mouth-watering pizzas and Year 1 opened up their fruit smoothie bar.  Our SNAG (School Nutrition Action Group) children also spent time in each class talking to their fellow pupils about the importance of healthy eating.

The Year 6 pupils were very fortunate to be invited to take part in Food Revolution Day activities at Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant in Cardiff.  The children were able to watch head chef Tommy create the ‘Squash it Sandwich’ and then have a go themselves.  It was an incredible opportunity and one not to be forgotten by everyone who took part.

We can’t wait for next years Food Revolution Day!